The Company We Keep

And while we play our show, we make friends as we go

In company as sweet as it is fleeting –

For where the Poppy grows is where we’ll play our shows

For journeys always end in lovers meeting ….

Here’s a look at “The Company We Keep,” featuring Jordan Whalen and Annabelle Young, presented during the People’s Art Festival in Detroit, where we transformed a gritty industrial studio into a Victorian gentleman’s townhouse, offered our guests wine and chocolates, and performed a most intimate show.

And our journey continues. Next, we learn that “Love Is A Puppet” . . . Travel along with us on the road that leads to a house of desire and dreams.

Download a PDF of the original THE COMPANY WE KEEP script.

See Diane Cheklich’s “The Company We Keep”  video, with Joe Stacey‘s original music.

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