Puppets and Passion



The Detroit Institute of Arts was the venue for “Puppets & Passion,” wherein the story of the Poppy and its inhabitants – the doomed and radiant floozies, stern Decca, self-contained Rupert – was presented as a multimedia puppet play by Brooklyn Dimitrie, Vanessa Ellen Hentschel, Mona Lucius, Steven O’Brien, Justino Solis, and Annabelle Young, who also took turns enacting, with the aid of a fierce and feathered mask, the role of the MC who knows all and tells … almost all. Puppet creator/puppeteer Megan Harris took the stage with the puppet Marco, transforming him to the louche and chilly Pan Loudermilk, in the spirit of theatrical anarchy. Filmmaker Diane Cheklich‘s narrative video projections combined with musician Joe Stacey‘s original compositions to further tell the tale. Additional animation enhancement was provided byAaron Mustamaa. Co-producer Julanne Jacobs presided backstage and in the booth.

Commissioned by Larry Baranski, Director of Public Programs, “Puppets & Passion” was a one-night-only event in the DIA’s 350 seat Danto Hall – standing room only, too, with potential Poppy patrons turned away for lack of room. All the world loves a lover, after all.

And our story continues. We’ve peered into the Poppy, we’ve watched Istvan on the road. The twain must meet – desire must have its day. Please consult Under the Poppy here and on Facebook for news and special invitations, as the journey continues to the full immersive event.

Download the script puppetpassionDIA.

Poster and graphic design by Jackie Zimmerman. Photographs courtesy Rick Lieder and Diane Cheklich.

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