Love Conquers All

On a warm spring evening in Detroit, just as the sun was setting, a plethora of patrons made their way into a Victorian-era home, past floozies loitering beautifully on the stairs, to enter a moment out of time: Under the Poppy presents Love Conquers All.

Inside, they found rum punch and lavender dainties, a peep show and trinkets to amuse, a sensual burlesque interlude, a playbill offering specialties of the house such as the dry bob and Roman Candle (and what do they do with that goose quill?!) . . .


. . . and the story of a love that admits no defeat, that shrugs at war and conspires with passion to reach its penultimate peak.

Torri Ashford, Vanessa Ellen Hentschel, Julanne Jacobs, Samantha Moltmaker, Ben Stange, and Jordan Whalen made the house their home with an intimate and amazing performance that evoked delight or dismay, depending on the moment of the tale being told “ Laddie’s pathos or Lucy’s sturdy joie de vivre; Victoria, the new girl, and her knowing gaze; Decca’s rigor; Spinning Jennie half-lost in a world of her own . . .

Bob Evans donated the venue; filmmaker Diane Cheklich and actor James Taylor Jr. created the saucy peep show; Avalon Bakery and Ivy’s Custom Corsetry helped bring spice to the night; other patrons gave generously to ensure the evening’s pleasures. This was the fifth and final of our performative fiction events: the full tale is next to be told, in a house where every room shelters an aspect of the story, where those who share our vision help to bring that vision to life.  We have reached the end of the journey, and the true beginning of our love story.

Omnia vincit amor!

[An] absolute and complete TRIUMPH “ the live performance of ˜Under The Poppy’ immersive theater in a real Victorian home. Such an atmosphere of decadence and impending war with real decaying walls and faded glory. I almost heard the bombs on the horizon while the floozies primped and flirted with the ˜customers’. Fantastic evening!

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