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  • questions about the novel and/or the immersive production
  • donations to the production
  • appearance requests
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  • reviews

please .


Love is a puppet, and the company you keep makes all the difference!

To gather our floozies, puppets, and gentlemen of the road all the way Under the Poppy is a grand undertaking. So we happily solicit your participation.

Our patrons are passionate: “We lend our support to the Poppy because I love the role of midwife to the birth of a new work of art.”

And geographically diverse:  “Being 2000 miles away, I wasn’t going to be able to swing a hammer … but I could facilitate someone else doing so. Patronage of a creative endeavor is an opportunity – not just for the artist, but for the patron. It’s an opportunity to share in the telling. And when the telling is as rich and vibrant and human as Under the Poppy, it’s an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.”

And of course all special skills are welcome at the brothel . . .

You may also click below to make a PayPal donation, for all the nuts-and-bolts (including actual nuts and bolts) that money needs to buy.

Many thanks and much appreciated!  The floozies blow a kiss in your direction.



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