Time to waltz

MercuryThe Musée d’Orsay’s exhibition “Masculine/Masculine. The Nude Man in Art from 1800 to the Present Day” is one that, were he in the vicinity, the young writer Frédéric-Seraphim Blum might well attend, and more than once, though with varying feelings of elation, pleasure, and dismay:

 . . . Frédéric’s last question trailing as they cross up the aisle—“Why is it called the Mercury, your theatre?”—to bring Istvan’s quote from “Priapus, do you know him?  That is, the classics?  I’m sure Seraphim does, it’s a fairly juicy bit,” as the door is closed, as the quote is proffered, as before they part Istvan sees once more that alarmed and charming blush.

From THE MERCURY WALTZ, soon to be released by Roadswell Editions.

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