The BASTARDS on the road

THE BASTARDS’ PARADISE is on the road now, headed with a wink into its readers’ hands.

Available in ebook, trade hardcover, and bespoke editions from Roadswell Editions: the bespoke edition comes wrapped in silk, includes pages from the book’s research reading, and a memory box that holds mementos from the road.


M MacDonald BASTARDS 1

Listen to the launch reading in NYC, hosted in a second floor, red-lit bar where Istvan would surely have felt at home, and hear more about puppets and BASTARDS in the Virtual Memories podcast.

The first review“the final act in a grand epic, a smash of masks and puppetry even when the deep lines must be hidden with grease paint and kohl, the cough stifled with gin and laudanum” – sets the stage. And when another reader opines that I don’t know if I’ve ever felt such a rich and goddamn unending stream of emotions when reading a book”  . . . then that stage is well-set for its play of danger and darkness that, like a mask, hides truest love.



(Bespoke photos courtesy Margo MacDonald.)




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