Let us play

BASTARDS' proofs

The proofs have arrived: THE BASTARDS’ PARADISE is ready for the printer. Let us play!

“Hoopla,” he says. “The Mercury’s reopened!” in the shadow of the shrouded Wheel and bodiless hung masks, the dozen’s dozen bits of business and bric-a-brac that in the right hand, or hands, become whatever vision suggests or suggestion demands, what the gods decree or even the godlings, for power resides not only in the great, but is found everywhere that any magic, black or white, is made: and the smaller and more decrepit the better, for who suspects the decrepit, or the dead, or the wooden man with only one arm and one eye? “For one can’t have a theatre without a name, and the old name was the right one, don’t you think? Let the groundlings cry the Mercury, then! And let us play.” – from THE BASTARDS’ PARADISE

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