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What’s in your valise?

What do you carry, along the road of desire? Sweet memories? Harsh imaginings? A feeling that, once the foot steps from the path, everything will change?

And what do you bring, to the one who loves you?

The chimera of desire

The sign of the chimera, the gent so upright and buttoned-down, buttoned in. What does it take, to make you reach for what you want?

Under the Poppy, Queer for Books, and thou

This afternoon I’ll be appearing at the Ferndale Library’s Queer for Books discussion group, open to everyone who’s read Under the Poppy or have it on the TBR pile (we are inclusive!).  The event is 3 – 5 PM, the library is located at 222 E. Nine Mile Road, Ferndale, and if you have a sexy puppet, by all means bring it along.

A laughing shadow

One can do so much with a shadow – Peter Pan knew that, of course, as did Jung, and of course any number of puppeteers. This is another way to play with shadows in motion, or shadows and motion . . .  If your shadow could talk to you, what would it say? [Photo: KK.]

Quality control

You will never experience this problem Under the Poppy. Okay, the watch, maybe.

Come see us at Motor City Pride

Because we want to see you.

The games, the masks, the rules


It means pedantry, I guess; I thought it also meant superfluity of total fucking verbal gorgeosity. Which may not be an actual word. Is it?

Learning words makes me very happy as both a reader and a writer; I mourn that I have only one language, English, in which I’m relatively fluent; I want more.  More tools in the toolbox, more jewels in the jewelbox.  Writing, reading, bibliophilia!

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