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Addressed and redressed, but still

Via Small Beer Press, this is indeed the saddest email of the week: one can only speculate on the thief’s motives.


Under the Poppy: a gateway drug?

Denice Brown shares her photograph to claim her “Interlude”: supporting her POPPY with a saucy hat, a pair of pretty gloves, and a bespoke corset created for her by Ivy’s Custom Corsetry. 

What’s especially noteworthy here is that Denice has followed a garden path of POPPY involvement: reading the book, attending the performance events, purchasing a glorious corset and accoutrements, scheduling a private visit with Pan Loudermilk . . . Is the POPPY, like its namesake, addictive?

Cover that thing!

From the New York Times: “A prominent Vienna museum has decided to cover the ‘intimate parts’ of three naked male soccer players on big posters put up in the Austrian capital after they caused an outcry . . . ‘Many people told us that they wanted to or had to protect their children,’ [Klaus] Pokorny said. Some had warned that ‘if we won’t cover it they would go there with a brush and they would cover it with colour. Already somebody did that.'”

It’s easy to make fun of this, and just about irresistible – won’t someone please think of the children?! (who, one hopes, have genitals of their own) – but the Poppy stands with Klaus Pokorny:

Pokorny added: “We are not really happy about the situation. You always hope that we have made progress, that we are now in the 21st century.”

The representation of sex is still dangerous, and naked men far more so than naked women. Is this why two naked men together, amorously, are twice as dangerous? And to whom?

More Poppy people get their ‘Interlude’s!

Tracy Van, Casey Lloyd, and Jerry McMaster get their various POPPYs on – Tracy did it twice! – and thus the “Interlude of the Road” found its way to their various inboxes . . . Thank you, portrait-proffering POPPY people!

“An Interlude of the Road,” the newest Rupert and Istvan fiction, is available until 11/11/12, for those of you who do likewise.  Send your JPEGS to underthepoppy AT, and watch your inbox.

Gucci, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana . . .

Turning the pages of a fall 2012 men’s fashion magazine, one notices the pleasing proliferation of classically-inspired menswear: check the spread especially of Dafoe, Oldman, Hedlund and Bell, all of whom might immediately be cast in the series version of the Poppy.

Which could share the airwaves with this.

Let the cutting & pasting begin

These are just brilliant.  Now visualize it: paper Poppy people! The possibilities are endless, starting with the Chevalier and his anatomically-correct anatomy. Gentlemen, oil your scissors.

And the winner is!

The winner of the create-a-drink contest for the brothel is … twofold! Both JAMES TAYLOR JR. and CHARLES HENKE will receive signed copies of Under the Poppy, and be featured in the TNBBC “Books & Booze” blog later this summer!

Many thanks to those who entered – we now have recipes in hand for “The Pearl Necklace,” “Puppet’s Folly,” “Courage & Passion,” and (staff favorite) “The Blow Job”, among other delicious libations. There’s going to be a saucy time at the brothel, for certain …
read more

Poppy drink contest – deadline is nigh!

As in July 1st – have you submitted your delicious entry for Under the Poppy’s signature drink?  So far we have absinthe and champagne; we have gin punch, we have Pimm’s Cup, we have “The Pearl Necklace,” “Puppet’s Folly,” the “Vera” … We have a party!

The winner will receive a signed copy of Under the Poppy and the drink will be prepared and offered to patrons in an atmosphere of intrigue and vice, TBD. And the winner and winning drink will also be featured in my entry for The Next Best Book Club’s “Books & Booze” series! We can have some serious fun with that, winner, you and I.

So deploy your swizzle sticks, break the seals on the good stuff, and post your answer in the comments … Books and booze, avaunt!

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