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Miss Lucinda

Petite, lovely, pitiless, wise: she has been around, has Miss Lucinda.

Created by puppet artist Megan Harris, who imagines into life all the puppets of the Poppy, she will greet the patrons of the brothel in her own way . . . She has come some distance to be here, already.

“The new couple onstage waltz in place like well-matched lovers, lovely to see, but the lady is disinclined, unwilling to kiss the man who seeks her prim pink lips, turning her head again and again as if in negation: No, no I don’t want you, try howsoever you might.”

Beauty is capricious. A puppet is an anarchist. Her silk-wrapped feet dance to their own sweet tune.


Miss Lucinda, minx

The beautiful Miss Lucinda, puppet and traveler, travels to Detroit from Portland OR, from the creative hands of Megan Harris. She will shortly join her colleague the Chevalier at the brothel …

Clive Hicks-Jenkins considers the mecs of the Poppy today, as well. And of course the puppets are always considering you.

The Chevalier in Portland, heading to Detroit

Megan Harris, artist, creator and puppet mistress to the Poppy, is about to send the Chevalier (pictured here with a fan, and solo in the studio) on his way from Portland, OR to the brothel in Detroit. We envy his seatmates on the journey! [Photos courtesy Megan Harris.]

Artist Clive Hicks-Jenkins tips his hat to the Chevalier as well. Clive is a great friend of the Poppy and Our Man in Wales.

Our cast . . . the mecs

Pan Loudermilk, the Chevalier, and Miss Lucinda . . .  as themselves.

Isn’t a lover a kind of puppet? And the desired one, the one who pulls the strings?

[Puppets: Megan Harris. Photo: Rick Lieder.]

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Chevalier

That horse-man about town, the Chevalier, makes a saucy appearance in this week’s edition of Model D, coming to you from our fevered factory of the imaginative and the hot, Detroit. Say it in French! [Chevalier photo: Marvin Shaouni.]

Playing together

The pleasure of creating a book is enabling a world to create itself in words, to then be shared with, and recreated by, the mind of the reader, a reader, another reader … The pleasure of creating a performance is together – actors, artists, musicians, directors, writer – enabling a world to create itself, to then be shared in experience with those who are present, whose presence, and energy, helps to recreate that world each night.

All of it is play.  All of it is breathtaking fun. Thank you to all of you as we make this final journey together … and a special thank you to Diane Cheklich, codirector and co-conspirator at the brothel.

[Photo of KK courtesy Rick Lieder, backstage before “The Alchemy of Desire”]

Out here in the shadows, with champagne

“In the 19th century, puppets were divided from [theater] actors … forever, and puppeteers took their places as buskers and wanderers, sharing the same social class as jugglers, gypsies and other foreigners.”

Well. We are perfectly happy to play with the outliers, the winkers at the periphery, the disreputable ones; we are at home there, here at the Poppy.

[Photo of Jordan Whalen, Steven O’Brien and Pan Loudermilk courtesy Rick Lieder.]

The Chevalier in Detroit

The ways of attraction are unstoppable. While puppet artist Megan Harris continues to create the life-sized incarnation . . .


. . . the smaller Chevalier has been making appearances around the city, winning hearts and creating equestrian appreciation wherever he goes. Detroit has clearly been ready for an erotic puppet, and now he is here! Et voila!

To see him in fullest unbridled action, of course, one must attend the performances.

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