A splash of champagne, a sparkle of MERCURY

Nerve merriment

We do have a marvelous time at our Poppy events! Here, Istvan (Steve Xander Carson) amuses the ladies (L to R, nerve ensemble members Laura Bailey, Marisa Dluge, Samantha Moltmaker, and Kathe Koja; photo courtesy Rick Lieder).

Outside, the snow shimmered and flew; inside, artist Megan Weber talked Tarot artistry, while Heatherleigh of Boston Tea Room offered on-the-spot readings. And another reading, from THE MERCURY WALTZ’s first chapter, set the stage and drew aside the curtain for the continuing story of Istvan and Rupert, watched over as always by the patron of speedy travel and artistic fabrication, “that foxing god whose name the theatre bears.”

Many thanks to the evening’s guests, some of whom braved long drives to be present at our fĂȘte. There’s no keeping the Poppy people from their fun …. And thanks again to the Boston Tea Room for hosting the celebration!

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