A floozy’s life is not an easy one

Oh certainly, it looks pleasant, seen through a glass or two (or more) of rum punch. But a floozy’s life, mesdames et messieurs, is not an easy one, what with the line at the peep show and the gentlemen who are no gentlemen at all.

Sometimes it takes more than rum punch to make the evenings pass. Sometimes it takes hashish. Or something even stronger.

Is it any wonder that a girl new to the life might decide that, if one works in the brothel, it may be better to use the brain than the body?

Love conquers all, surely. Yet love is capricious, love comes like a thief in the night. And in the meantime, there are still the patrons to please . . . .

All photos courtesy Rick Lieder:

Ben Stange and Samantha Moltmaker 

Ben Stange

Vanessa Ellen Hentschel 

Torri Ashford

Samantha Moltmaker

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