is an award-winning novel, a shady Victorian brothel, a
seductive performance experience . . . The story of Rupert and Istvan,
boyhood comrades, actors, lovers, playing for their lives.

Explore the world Under the Poppy – browse the immersive performance events,
watch the book trailer, catch up with the latest news,
find out how you can be part of the show.

Welcome to the brothel!

– Kathe Koja
Author | Director | Producer


Under the Poppy Book Trailer

Under the Poppy is all about theatre, so the acclaimed book trailer (created by filmmaker Diane Cheklich, puppet creator Al Bogdan, composer/performer Joe Stacey, and animation studio Antichamber Design) combines original music with live and created actors, in a shadow-puppet world, where the stage is everything.

Looking for videos? Check on the Videos and Interviews page.

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